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tentative agenda items for future faculty meetings

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Dec 11  Thursday Faculty Meeting (Holiday Concert night) 3:30-5:00

  • No whole faculty meeting; faculty advisory will report out by email?

  • Curriculum Mapping - finish work due by Dec. 19th or begin tasks due next semester. Curriculum Mapping Goals and Timeline for 2014-15)

    • Due Dates:

      • Dec. 19, 2014 (end of 1st semester): Completion of:

        • Course Descriptions

        • Unit Calendars (yearly)

      • May 1, 2015: Completion of

        • Big Ideas/Concepts (what we want students to know and understand)

        • Skills (what we want students to be able to do)

Dec 18  Thursday Faculty Meeting 3:30-5:00

  • Faculty Advisory Report?

  • Report Card Writing (Report Cards due Jan. 10)

Dec 19  End of First Semester

Dec 20 - Jan 4: Winter Break

Jan 5 - Monday - Teacher Workday

  • 8-12:00: Report Card Writing

  • 11:30-1:00 Lunch with Peer Coaching Groups (Lunch provided by admin)

    • share ideas you want to explore in your group

    • vote on your preferred time block for peer observation to take place

    • decide if your group is too large and needs to break into two

    • select a faculty meeting for all to share out and celebrate (popcorn and bubbly?)

    • remember that this is part of your desired time for collaboration

  • 1:00-3:00 Task Force Work

Jan 8  Thursday Faculty Meeting 3:30-5:00

  • Report Card Writing

Jan 10  Report Cards Due

Jan 15  Thursday Faculty Meeting 3:30-5:00

  • Faculty Advisory

  • Student Led Conferences - Melissa (20 min)

  • Other? TBA

Jan 22  Thursday Faculty Meeting 3:30-5:00

  • Faculty Advisory

  • Grade Level Meetings to prepare for conferences
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